Project: One month of focus [UPDATE]

Update: Since I wrote this blog post, created the second MeetUp for “Rust and Tell”, something unexpected happened: My daugther was born. Way too early (3 months), so instead of spending September in front of Rust code, I spend around 10 hours a day in the hospital. This being said: The project for October is: Don’t have any plans ;)

The dilemma of our privilidged and comfortable lifes as software engineers is:

But also, it’s insanely hard after a long day of work to get enough headspace. If you have kids, it’s even “harder”. Though many will claim having a child and seeing it grow up in front of you is way more fun then the latest technology.

As everything in life, it’s a balance.

Therefore, my aim is to shut off every distraction which is not needed and focus every month just on one thing. I will pick a technology and just focus on this one. Which means: Unsubscribe from every newsletter, don’t read twitter and don’t participate in other MeetUps or discussions. Pure focus.

Obviously you have to manage your income stream to help feeding yourself and your family. Therefore work is allowed ;)

September goal: Getting proficient in Rust

So, the following month (September) I will focus solely on Rust. In this regards, I opened up a MeetUp format called “Rust and Tell” in Berlin, which helps to remember enjoying this new language and hear people struggling and building projects with it.


The process so far:

I also want to use this blog more, so I will irregularly blog about the process.